Friday, January 30, 2009

The curse of the caffeine monster

hmmm...where to begin. friend dee is co-curating the L.A Myth group show and i was sooooo excited she gave me and many fellow neopetters the opportunity to partake in the fun and festivities. I must admit....i was EXTREMELY hesitant at first especially since i've never really done a show before. I wasnt really sure if people would sit around my piece and booooooo quietly and throw tomatos...but since my new years resolution this year was to be more crafty... here i go 2009...this is me trying to be more crafty.

so naturally i skipped on over to the art store to buy supplies. I picked up some acrylic paints, a canvas, and some new found hope that maybe all those failed painting classes were just a fluke...that painting boring fruitbowls and vases was the sole reason that deterred me from uncovering my untapped potential...that this time...painting and i would be BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE! ummm...not so much. i think once i took home my shiny 2 oz. tubes of paint...they all banded together to take me down. They pointed and laughed and threatened me with filed downed paintbrush was a little scary for awhile.

so making a short story VERY long....i decided to do a digital piece for the show. i felt a little cheesy at first but i quickly got over it as i realized the other option was to hand in finger paints or an interpretive dance for the show...and so this is a list of thoughts i had after doing my first "official" piece.

-varnish, friend or foe? both.
-buying the biggest printer EVER made has its takes up 2/3's of your room but its REALLY cool to not be confounded to the man's 8.5 x 11! damn the man.
-digital ROCKS!!! but i still need to learn how to paint...maybe not BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE but maybe not mad dogging eachother from across the steps.

so if youre in the area and want to check out my lonely little piece, it would be so happy to see a friendly face and if it had would give you GIANT bear hug. heres the info.

Monday, January 19, 2009


"be the change you want to see in the world." -ghandi

happy new year! yes...i know im a tad bit late but really...can you think of a better occasion to post something? its almost time for our 44th president and i cant be more excited, hopeful, and proud of what has happened in our country...dont get me wrong...i know its going to be a very hard four years but this reassures my belief that hope is beautiful, hope is powerful, and the world is good.

heres hoping that everyone has an AMAZING 2009!

oh...and by the way...when i grow up....i want to be president....please welcome america's first teddy bear vice president.