Sunday, July 22, 2012

Handle with EXTRA care : kitten grams

 mumbles and charlie decided they were going to need extra bubble wrap for their kitten grams.

Dearest friends,

I'm going to tell you a secret..cause we're friends and thats what friends do.

I know of a place, a magical place, a post office where all lost and undeliverable mail find a way to. For instance, a birthday parcel soaked in rain with a smudged adress label. A thank you letter sent to a hard to find address like the easter bunnie's condo. A love letter dated 40 years ago with the incorrect postage. These pieces of mail are all considered UNDELIVERABLES and are destined to one very special post office and crew to help them find their way home.

And this post office is called the Dead Mail Division.

Don't you worry, you can also go there for all your regular post office needs too! The crew will gladly help you with all your EXTRA fragile deliveries!

And in celebration of me uncovering this magical post office...the dead mail division crew and i are sending out postcards of the above image and of Undelivered Mail. If you would like one...please email/facebook me which one you would like, your name, and address of where its going by july 31st, 2012.

thanks for stopping by and yaaay for giving me an excuse to send postcards!