Tuesday, May 13, 2008

hitchhiking on a goldfish

yes....in my world there are goldfish the size of baby whales living under the sea. yes...your eyes do not deceive you ... that is a merbear and he is holding a baby trident ( i think "he stabbed a man in the heart"- anchor man) .


pascal said...

What a WONDERFUL universe you have. My god.. This is incredibly cute art!
I'm adding you to my blogroll right this second! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to find your blog!


Mayte Aristondo said...

Yes, VERY adorable. ^^ I just love your designs. I hope to see them in a book one day and you'll become famous! And fish CAN be the size of baby whales. The world of imagination is unlimited. :D

nhudiep said...

thanks so much guys! you guys made my day! i think the dream is to put this in a little book one day.