Monday, July 26, 2010

oh i wonder...

wonder woman! (activating spin transformation)

once upon a time i had a blog. it was the best of blogs. it was kind and patient and a true friend. it gave me an outlet for all these curious thoughts in my head and encouraged me to remember the act of creating was fun....but oh how i wonder just how did we grow apart. oh bloggy...please forgive me...lets be friends again. kick off  this rekindled friendship with bloggy...this is me...just trying to have fun...nothing fancy...just  drawing some inspiration from the comic con...tis WONDER WOMAN!

 mental note for next year at the con....
-avoid poppy seeded hot dog buns and steamed hot dogs that have turned purple. why hot dog were you purple!? why bun did you roll around in poppyseeds? what cruel and unnatural things did they do to you?
-avoid networking with poppy seeds stuck in your teeth cause it is not very professional.
-avoid saturdays at all costs.. these days are just too hip and crowded for no fun mcgees like myself.
-and remember... if a stranger creepily caresses the back of your head...kick them in the shins to teach them a lesson.

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