Thursday, October 28, 2010

its that time again...

BUTTTONSS!!! i love me some BUTTONS!

its that time again...the time of the year where nhu wants to be snazzy and try something creatively new. this time...its a CON! long beach comic con to be exact. i will be sharing a booth with my awesome and talented friend abe. we will be at booth #2004.

so if youre in the long beach neighborhood this halloween weekend...why dont you come by and and say hello or a trick or treat. there will be art prints for sale, FREE buttons, and most importantly candy! and if you cant make not fret my friend....this is what you can do.

step 1. try on last halloween's batman/wonder woman costume
step 2. eat a handfull of mini twixs
step 3. peruse my prints at my online shop
step 4. then close your eyes and just pretend like youre at the con (minus the body odor). yaay!

by the way...i got 200 buttons to hand out and can i just say it took everybit of self restraint to not try on every single button....but dont judge me if i post a pic later on tonight with 200 buttons pinned to my pajamas.

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