Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Undelivered Mail

trying to get back into the swing of things and my oh my...the wheels are rusty.

Lately, its been super tough just trying to even look at my artwork let alone actually posting it up for all of my friends and the interweb to see. i know...this is odd considering i am in a the profession where i should want to show things but call me strange..i just like having things huddled away on my desktop until im ready to show and tell. its odd...and really uncomfortable at times...but im trying. im trying not to care and to chuck all caution into the wind and to JUST DRAW AND POST THINGS and HAVE FUN. yaaaay! in a very strange way, with each post i make...ive realized blogger and facebook is like a poor woman's therapy for crazies like me. slowly but surely...i'll grow up into a real artist and want to show everyone my sketchbook and skip into the sunset. just wait and see. it'll happen. i'm getting my skipping shoes ready so be prepared.

in the mean time....this is mint. hes a growing jackalope and interns at the local post office with his twin sister chip. just testing out the waters...we'll see how far this one goes.

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